Homeowner Insurance

Whatever makes your home unique, we can help protect it. Make sure your investment is protected by choosing insurance coverage that is right for you. Here are some issues your personal insurance counselor will help you consider:

Reconstruction Value of Your Home

Carefully calculating the right amount of coverage will allow you to recover full cost of restoring your home to its condition before the loss, even if that value exceeds the coverage amount on your homeowner policy at the time of loss.

Older or Unique Homes

Special programs are available that will ensure that your home will be rebuilt to the same standards as the original construction. This includes quality of materials and craftsmanship. Coverage for the cost to bring your vintage home into compliance with modern building codes is a critical feature of a comprehensive program.

Personal Property Coverage

Replacement cost coverage ensures that your personal property will be replaced after a covered loss, without deductions for depreciation. Open perils, or "all risks", coverage insures your belongings for a wider array of perils than most standard policies allow, including breakage and mysterious disappearance. Expensive items, such as jewelry or fine art, may be insured separately.

Coverage for Fences, Pools, Barns, and Other Structures

Most homeowner policies include only a minimum coverage amount for damage to fences, pools, detached garages, and other structures that are not attached to the main house. Lightning, fire, or storms can cause extensive damage. Tailoring the right coverage will assure proper protection.

Personal Liability Coverage

Owning a home can make you a target for costly legal actions. Your homeowner policy should provide a substantial level of protection against third-party demands for damages. Comprehensive Personal Liability protects you and your family if you are legally liable for damages to others, both on and off premises.

Your home is distinctive and your homeowner insurance should be tailored for you. Your homeowner insurance program can be designed to include features such as water/sump backup, identity theft coverage, cash-out loss settlement provisions, liability for other locations, incidental business coverages, and many others.

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